Teachers are one of the most influential people in our lives, even when we’re no longer in school. They help shape the people we become and set us up with the knowledge we need to live our lives.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best way to say thank you to someone who has done so much so we have compiled a list of gift ideas to give you some inspiration.

Teacher supplies

If you want to get your teacher something they can use again and again, supplies for their classroom will always be a good idea. Think stationery, organisers, magnets and even desk tidies.


To ensure your teacher gets a bit of downtime, a scented or decorated candle works as both a functional and decorative gift. You could even make and decorate your own, adding your teachers favourite scent with the help of some essential oils.

Personalised gifts

Almost any gift can be personalised. Get creative and design your own labels, badges, bags, caps, jewellery or even personalise them with your teachers name to give it that extra special touch!

Star teacher award

To make your teacher feel extra special, design a teacher award certificate or badge to ‘award’ to your teacher. Add a box of goodies to make it even more enjoyable for them.

Sweet/cake jars/cones

Sweeten your teachers day by filling a jar with cake, sauce, fruit and toppings, or even just an assortment of their favourite sweets for them to dip into! An alternative would be to make some cones out of cellophane and fill those with little sweet or savoury nibbles and tie it all up with a bow!

You could even fill a jar with their favourite hot chocolate powder and some marshmallows and leave instructions on a label on the front.

Posters/wall art – quotes

Find a frame and fill it with anything from a personalised image to your teachers favourite quote. You could even draw them something special and meaningful to them.


Perhaps one of the most classic ways to show appreciate or even say thank you – flowers. One of the quickest ways to brighten up a day and the room, flowers are so versatile and effective.

How will you be showing your appreciation this #TeachersAppreciationWeek?

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