Attending an interview can be nerve-wracking. Many candidates find it difficult to mask their nerves with a falsely confident façade.

However, it is important that candidates put on a game face when it comes to acing a job interview. Not only because it gives the impression that they are confident in themselves and their ability, but it will help them answer interview questions more successfully. Particularly with rife job competition, it is crucial that candidates don’t let their nerves get the better of them. The extent of this competition is backed up by stats.

New research from Grosvenor Casinos found that a whopping 27 job applications only result in a single interview, which means that candidates have got to give it their best shot and stand out above the crowds.

The study of 1,000 UK respondents found that 73% admitted to lying on their CVs recalled getting away with it, while 33% felt that their CV wasn’t good enough for them to be considered for future jobs. In some ways, this makes a recruiter’s job more difficult as they try and spot candidates who ooze genuine confidence with an appropriate skillset for the job.

With that in mind, Grosvenor Casinos paired up with Body Language Expert, Robert Phipps, to outline the top five signs that show confidence in candidates and signs that recruiters should increasingly be on the look-out for.


Posture is the first thing that recruiters will see, whether a candidate is standing, walking or sitting down at a table. Whether a candidate is slouching or upright, posture gives recruiters an insight as to how they are feeling at the time. Sitting up properly with shoulders back gives the impression of confidence.

Head position

The expert explains that a candidate’s head position can show both positive and negative emotions so he encourages interviewees to hold their head horizontally or raise it slightly upward. Phipps says that those lacking confidence will often stoop posture and lower their head. This is often a key warning sign that recruiters should look out for.

Eye contact

Confident candidates will have no issue displaying a good level of eye contact when speaking to recruiters. They will also hold their gaze much more when they are listening so this is a key trait that recruiters should spot.

Stance and walk

Physical stance and the walking styles of candidates are a tell-tale sign of confidence. Introverts and shy people are more likely to walk with smaller strides. So, recruiters will be able to spot nervous candidates from a mile off.


Recruiters should also pay attention to the candidates breathing patterns. The research cites that confident candidates are more likely to have smoother breathing, will take longer breaths and allow more oxygen to reach their brains.

Source: The Recruitment Grapevine

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